Kyra Mastro : A Rising Star

Sunday, May 5, Kyra Mastro, a rising star from Toronto, was the opening act for Harrison Craig’s show at the Lula Lounge. It was a unique opportunity for this young artist to discover her original compositions during a most intimate concert.

Kyra Mastro is a young 21-year-old artist from Toronto. She composes her own original songs and presents them to various audiences. In addition, she makes several cover from artists on her YouTube channel.

Kyra Mastro
©  YouTube

Kyra has an extremely rich and powerful voice. She seduces us with elegance when she pushes her very high notes. We see here the full extent of his vocal power. Playing the piano and different types of guitars, Kyra demonstrates that she is a complete artist. She also has an impressive accuracy in her voice. The vocal technique she has is extremely solid.

All his songs performed during this evening were original compositions. Each of them had a distinct style and tone. What surprised the viewers most about his performance was his song with sung without instrument, but rather with a small box used to record sounds. She has shown that even without an instrument, she can only use her voice to sing a song on stage. This is an excellent choice of artist for the first part of a jazz show.

His new song Funny Story is now available on Apple Music and Spotify.

Funny Story – Kyra Mastro
©   YouTube

The young singer begins to make herself known more on the Canadian music scene, but also on the web. His distinctive and powerful voice offers a new musical freshness to our ears and makes us want to have more. In order to enjoy her wonderful voice, you can visit her YouTube channel. To interact with the artist, you can follow her on her Instagram. The artist is currently working on a musical project that should follow in the coming months.

Here are some covers of the artist :

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