Harrison Craig : A Passion in The Spotlight

For his first show in Canada, Harrison Craig performed songs from his three previous albums, More Than a DreamL.O.V.E. and King of Vegas. It was during an intimate evening with the singer that fans could get to know more their idol. Filled with magic, the evening could not have better unfold with a warm welcome that the singer of 24 years welcomes his fans in the privacy of Lula Lounge in Toronto.

Harrison Craig is the winner of the second edition of The Voice Australia. Over the past six years, he has distinguished himself by his exceptional talent and impresses the many crowds in Australia. Moreover, his musical influences are legends: Elvis Presley, Andrea Bocelli, Michael Bublé, Nat King Cole and many others.

With such vocal ease, Harrison was ably charmed the audience throughout the evening. The young singer knows to show he masters his instrument to perfection, and he possesses an infallible vocal technique. The playlist of the show was great, and the fans were delighted to hear the artist’s biggest song.

An extraordinary control

Harrison Craig is not a singer like no other. He knows at this point how to control his voice during performances in order to have the right note. It is a challenge for all singers to succeed brilliantly. When he sings, his ease on stage offered by the gestures of his body. In all the songs performed, he knew exactly how to bring his body to merge with the song and feel the public’s emotion.

Harrison Craig at the Lula Lounge in Toronto
©  Guillaume Guay-Morin

A talent to be discovered

All that talent yet to be discovered, but when his passion is contagious and allows fans to experience his shows’ uniqueness. Everyone in the room was fun and smiling. All this shows Harrison Craig is a person of incredible generosity and an artist with a big heart. Indeed, this artist knows how to charm his fans with the depth, warmth and sensuality of his voice giving chills.

For now, this young prodigal jazz music will charm you with his warm voice, comforting and appealing. Harrison Craig still holds more surprises in the coming months. During a discussion with him, he says: Toronto was a new experience for him, and he wants to return more to dazzle us more.

You can follow Harrison Craig via social networksInstagram and Facebook. These albums are also available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play Store. The new song of Harrison Craig Even If You Say So is now available on all platforms.

Even If You Say So – live in Toronto 2019 ©  Guillaume Guay-Morin

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