Seed of Joy : The Comeback of Marc Scibilia

Album’s launching ©  Song Kick

Marc Scibilia, a multi-talented singer-songwriter currently based in Nashville, returns with his brand new album Seed of Joy on November 13th.

On November 12th, he will launch his album in Nashville in the Music City Wine Garden while respecting the standards of sanitary hygiene and broadcasting his show on an online platform to offer the chance to his fans not residing in the US to attend the album’s launch.

Seed of Joy ©

For the occasion, the artist agreed to grant an interview to La Nouvelle Heure to tell us about his career, musical inspirations, and the creative process of his new album.

Finally, an exclusive performance of his song Wild World is also offered by Marc for the release of his new album, which is fast approaching. You can find his music on all music streaming platforms

Seed of Joy : The Comeback of Marc Scibilia ©  La Nouvelle Heure

All rights to the audio and video artistic content of the interview remain with the artist.

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